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        I.E.C.China(INSTITUT D’EXPERTISE CLINIQUE CHINA), founded in November 2005, is the subsidiary in China of I.E.C. Group. I.E.C. CHINA is specialized in cosmetic Safety, Efficacy Studies and Evaluation on Consumer Tests. We have performed almost 1000 studies in cosmetic Safety, Efficacy and Evaluation on Consumers. The studies and types of studies is increased year by year, on the basis of guarantee the quality, which gives a very good development trend.
Our tests:
★ Safety tests
    - Single patch test
    - In use test under dermatological and /or ophthalmological control
    - Non comedogenicity test
    - Eye projection test
★ Efficacy tests
    - Hydration
    - Whitening/lightening/depigmenting
    - Anti-wrinkles
    - Anti-aging
    - Anti-eyebags / Anti-eye circles
    - Oil-control effect
    - Skin barrier recovery
    - antiperspirant
    - Deodorant effect
    - Immediate and lasting effect of care products
    - Immediate and lasting effect of make up products
    - Efficacy evaluation on hair products (anti-dandruff, lightening)
    - UV tests (UVA, SPF and water resistance)
★ Consumer tests
      To complement the safety and efficacy test by involving more consumer subjects to provide reliable statistical data.
Our techniques:
♂ Professional institute I.E.C. France is the technical support of I.E.C. China in all dimensions. To design professional and countable experimental protocol for the clients.
♂ Scientific and strict training system is complied with the spirit of ISO9001 and GCP, which guarantee the accuracy of the data.
♂ To use the same equipment as the international institutes, and insist to send the equipment for checking and maintenance by the 3rd party, which guarantee the accuracy of the results and gain the acceptance internationally.
♂ To cooperate with international brands sincerely, which guarantee we keep on the top of the technical field.
Our strength
※ The biggest independent 3rd party clinical institute in the world
※ Technical support from the top company in the world, scientific and unified management system.
※ Professional study report accepted by all over the world
※ The first company of cosmetic clinical institute in China gained ISO9001 certificate
※ The first company of cosmetic clinical institute in China to bring professional ophthalmological examination into the studies
※ The only company in China that involved to the evaluation by BIPEA

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