Safety Tests


Efficacy Tests


Consumer Tests

1、The customer is I.E.C. Group's most valued and important colleague.
2、We maintain privileged partner relationships with our customers.
3、Quality means fulfilling our reciprocal undertakings.
4、Quality means viewing every colleague as a customer or a supplier.
5、Quality is achieved through the qualification of our colleagues and the  values we cherish. Everyone is responsible for the Company image.
6、Quality means satisfying the customer's express wishes to the best of our ability as quickly as possible and for the lowest cost.
7、Quality is everybody's business.
I.E.C China has established its own Volunteer Database since the foundation. Up to now, there are almost  5000 subjects (including volunteers and consumers), which could meet the needs of carrying out of all kinds of studies. All the volunteers have been taken a medical visit before included into the database. This medical visit is to assess the skin nature, skin sensibility and etc. Assuring the accuracy of the volunteer's data being input into the database will also help us to select the appropriate subjects for the test according to requirements of the sponsor.
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